-My name is Amanda.

-I am 20.

-I am pansexual.

-I am in a committed relationship; do not ask me for nudes or dirty talk. I will always decline. My blog has plenty of porn, you don’t need my help. 

-I CATER TO AND SUPPORT ALL SEXUALITIES. You will find gay porn, lesbian porn, transgender, and queer porn and images on this blog. I don’t care if you don’t like it. Please do not follow me in the first place if you cannot handle that and be mature about it.

-I will always answer questions with complete honesty and I love to help with any issues you may be having, sexual or not. 

-I welcome any submissions but please make sure any nudes submitted are of someone that is of age. (18+)

-Please do not ask me to post animated porn. I’ll post just about everything else. It’s just a personal thing, it honestly makes me uncomfortable.

-Feel free to make suggestions about what you would like to see more of, there’s always room for improvement. 

-My advice on how to give a blow job:

I start by making out with him, using a lot of tongue. I gradually move my mouth down his body; I’ll bite his lip, bite his ear lobes, suck on his neck, move my mouth down his chest and stomach while lightly scratching my nails down his sides. I move my head completely between his legs, and while I undo his jeans (or whatever he is wearing) I kiss his hips and as I pull off his pants, I move my tongue closer to his dick. I I grab his shaft and slowly move my hands up and down. (I’m really into teasing.) I put my lips around the head of his dick and lightly move my lips and tongue around the head until I can tell he wants it bad. All of a sudden I take all of him in my mouth. Go as far as you can. Since I’ve been with my boyfriend for a few years and I’ve been giving head for five, I can take all of him in my mouth without gagging, but go as far as you feel like you can. There’s no shame in having a high gag reflex if you’ve never done it before. I throw in different speeds while I’m giving head. I’ll go slow for a few minutes and move my tongue around a lot but then I’ll start going faster and go deeper. Move your tongue around right under the head, it’s a sensitive area for a guy. Some girls cup their partner’s balls in their hands and suck on them, but it does nothing for my boyfriend so I personally don’t, but if he likes it you should experiment with that as well. Unless you’re sure you want him finishing in your mouth, tell him to warn you before he finishes so you can finish him with a hand job or something. I swallow, because I’m comfortable with my boyfriend and we’ve been together for a long time. I know he has no diseases. If you’re not absolutely sure that he’s completely healthy, don’t swallow and always use a condom, even during oral sex! I hope it helps! You probably didn’t expect such a long answer but good luck! Have fun!

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